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“You can taste the smoky flavor in every bite, the food turned out to be amazing! It only took a few handfuls of Smokehouse Pellets to turn my gas grill into a proper Smokehouse. From now on it’s Smokehouse BBQ every time we grill.”

Jamie Rodgers
Backyard BBQ Expert

Fresh From The Forest To Your Backyard Grill

Our Smokehouse Pellets are made from responsibily harvested trees from the Great Lakes region of Canada. We carefully select only the best trees to produce the highest quality Smokehouse Pellets so you can create the most legendary, mind-blowingly delicious Smokehouse BBQ.


Smokehouse Oak

Taste the delicious flavor of Oak smoked into your BBQ.

Best with:
✓  Beef
✓  Chicken
✓  Turkey


Smokehouse Maple

BBQ the way nature intended with 100% Canadian Maple.

Best with:
✓  Chicken
✓  Pork
✓  Vegetables


Smokehouse Cherry

Savor the subtle smoky flavors created from Cherry wood.

Best with:
✓  Pork
✓  Fish
✓  Vegetables


Smokehouse Blend

Grill your food with an expert blend of smokehouse flavors.

Best with:
✓  Meat
✓  Vegetables
✓  Everything

Turn Ordinary BBQ Into Smokehouse Favorites

Smokehouse Rubs

Coat your food with the sweet, salty, and savory flavors of our Smokehouse Rubs. Elevate the flavor of your BBQ favorites with the prefect pairing of Smokehouse Rubs & Smokehouse Pellets. Everybody loves smoked meat and that love will turn into an obsession once you add a generous portion of our rub. Our Smokehouse Rubs are made with only the freshest, finest quality, organic spices, herbs, and seasonings available. Create better than restaurant quality Smokehouse BBQ with easy.

Smokehouse Recipes

It should come as no surprise the Stoker family has been messing with fire for generations. As a result, a few of them turned out to be good cooks, really good cooks. In fact, their creations were so good that all the handwritten family recipes were closely guarded, locked up, and secretly hidden away. That is, until now. From our family to yours, join us as we make epic feasts for the holidays and amazing food for all types celebrations. Everyone loves our Smokehouse Recipes and we are going to show you how to create the same amazing Smokehouse BBQ step by step. Let’s get things fired up!


The Best Smoked Meat


Smoked Chicken


Smoked Beef


Smoked Pork


Smoked Fish

We perfected our Smokehouse BBQ products through years of providing savory delight in every bite. We have taken BBQ well beyond lighting fires and flipping meat. This is Stoker Smokehouse BBQ, we help create amazing culinary experiences while you create the legend.

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