Smokehouse Pellets

100% Pure and Responsibly Sourced Trees

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Sweet & Savory Southern BBQ Rubs

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Create The Best Smokehouse BBQ In Town

Secret Fried Chicken

Warning: Highly Addictive May Cause Bliss

The Best BBQ in Town

Those possessing the passion for amazing food and the necessary kitchen gadgets can master the art of Smokehouse BBQ. Take your BBQ to the next level with our Smokehouse Pellets, Smokehouse Rubs, and Smokehouse Recipes. Start creating the best BBQ in town right in your own backyard. Fill your neighborhood with smell of Smokehouse BBQ and be sure to have enough for everyone that will stop by.


Smoked Chicken


Smoked Beef


Smoked Pork


Smoked Fish


Smokehouse Pellets

We use 100% natural and responsibly sourced trees to make our premium Smokehouse Pellets. Only the most impeccable trees are selected to produce our Smokehouse Pellets so you can create the most savory Smokehouse BBQ ever tasted. To maintain the highest standards of quality, our Smokehouse Pellets are processed, produced, packaged, and shipped from our facility. We care about what goes into our food as much as you do and that is why we work hard to produce the best Smokehouse Pellets available.


Smokehouse Rubs

Our legendary Smokehouse Rubs will ignite flavors that stir up emotions, especially when combined with our Smokehouse Brines and Smokehouse Sauces. Give your BBQ a huge boost of bold flavors with one easy step. Display your culinary skills and become an instant BBQ expert with our premium Smokehouse Rubs. Too cold outside? Take the cooking indoors with our Secret Fried Chicken Mix. Our Secret Fried Chicken Mix will bring you instant fame and notoriety, guaranteed. Once you try our Smokehouse Rubs, Brines, Sauces, and Secret Fried Chicken Mix you will never look at restaurants the same.


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